trondheim Trondheim is very beautiful city in the northern part of Norway. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the dominating building in this town and there are about 25,000 students there. The city has close to 160,000 inhabitants in total, and the students contribute to the city’s economy quite a bit. Trondheim is actually the oldest Norway city and the heritage can be seen if you stroll in the center of the city. For example, you can see the amazing Nidaros Cathedral, which is the biggest church of Northern Europe. Its towers are over the city centre, close to Nidelva river.

The city is rich and has a fabulous cultural heritage. Even if its size is not that big, it is a very important city. It is a pole for culture, music, arts, politics, student and night life. This city is one of the most interesting in the whole Northern Europe. Some people think that the city was founded by the Vikings. But actually the city came to life at the end of that Viking Era. In the Middle Ages the city was quite a vital hub for North Atlantic trade. It had a lot of traffic there.

This is why the culture became more open-hearted, in comparison to other Scandinavian cities. In 1997 the city celebrated the 1000nd anniversary. Even if the city is calm and nice, great for people who want a peaceful living, there are a lot of attractions there. As long as you have a nice attitude the city will reveal itself to you. Keep in mind that on Fridays and Weekend time large groups of students and young people are strolling around town, looking for entertainment.

Trondheim then becomes a young city with people enjoying themselves and that know how to party. So give it a chance and go see the beautiful city.

Photo credit: Christian Haugen on Flickr

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